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By Tracey B - Lifestyle Concepts

Mindfulness. What is it and why is everyone talking about it?

For me, it’s been the eureka to my rather turbulent last few years. It’s been my light-bulb moment. I now understand how to navigate this thing called life, and mindfulness is it. It keeps you forever present, neither fretting about the future or, indeed, allowing you to live in the past.

I now know that living in the moment is the only way to live your life. I neither worry about the past, I have learned to forgive myself and I now just enjoy every second of every day. Not only that, I have opened my mind to a world of possibilities and that includes new people coming into my life.

With our hectic lives, we spend most of our time ‘in our heads’. This leads to worry and stress, whereas living in the moment leads to calm. After all, this second is guaranteed, everything else is not.

Next time you are out with your dog, or walking along the beach, I would encourage you to practice mindfulness. Clear your mind and focus on the walk, the beach, your surroundings and for those precious moments, forget whatever is going on in your life. You deserve it to yourself.

I never say that where I am right now, is where I am going to be in the future, but what I do say, is that I am so very happy right now, and that right now, is the only place I need to be.

With love

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